L’Oréal’s futuristic hairdryer uses infrared light for smoother, more hydrated hair

Render of L’Oreal AirLight Pro hairdyer showing infrared light and closeup of controls
The idea is to reduce heat damage and energy consumption. | Image: L’Oreal

L’Oréal has been a staple of CES for years, showing up with surprising twists on beauty products like a wearable UV sensor, a lipstick printer, and an AR-powered brow applicator. This year, the company is taking on the classic hairdryer with the AirLight Pro, and it’s doing so in an unconventional way.

Most conventional hairdryers rely on thermal coils to produce heat and air that then dries the hair. Unless you use heat protectant, it can be pretty brutal on your hair with frequent use. Meanwhile, Dyson’s Supersonic hairdryer mostly uses a powerful motor and clever ergonomic design to maximize airflow while also reducing heat. L’Oréal’s AirLight Pro also does that, but it adds infrared light into the mix.


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