Logitech’s new gaming-focused earbuds play nicely with USB-C devices


Logitech’s latest earbuds, a $50 model called the G333, are unremarkable in terms of design, with a flat cable that houses an inline remote and mic, swappable silicone ear tips, and the ability to connect to gadgets via a 3.5mm jack. What makes them stand out is the included 3.5mm-to-USB-C adapter.

If your phone or other audio device lacks a headphone jack but has a USB-C port to spare, you’re all set to plug in with this model. With the adapter attached, I had no issues hooking up the G333 to my 3.5mm-less Pixel 3, my Nintendo Switch, or through a USB-C port on the MacBook Pro I use for work. Also included with these earbuds are two additional sizes of silicone ear tips and a small mesh carrying case.

The G333 looks almost identical to…

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