LG used a virtual influencer to announce new products during its CES keynote


Reah Keem is just like you and I — she loves working on music, vacationing abroad, and is pretty bummed out about not being able to visit any cool places right now. The biggest difference, however, is that Reah Keem isn’t a real person.

LG introduced Reah Keem as a virtual influencer who appeared during its live-streamed CES keynote to unveil the company’s new line of LG CLOi UV-C robots. The robot, which was announced by LG in December, is designed for areas with high traffic, like hotels, and roams around shining UV-C light that should reduce exposure to harmful germs. Keem’s job was talking about how important the CLOi UV-C was to her own life, using the chance to talk about how excited she was to start traveling again in the real…

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