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LG Rollable May Have a Secondary Screen: With Scroll Screen

LG Rollable will use a flexible OLED display, which can be unfolded to expand the screen area without any folding mechanism. If the LG mobile phone department can survive, they expect to release this device by the end of 2021.

A series of design patents have given us an understanding of the working principle of the device, and the latest patent explains how LG will install a front camera on the phone.

The short answer is that this phone will not have a front camera. On the contrary, LG seems to want users to use the rear camera to take selfies. In order to facilitate users to take selfies, the company is planning to add a small screen to the rear of the device.

The design patent revealing this decision was published in CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Office) on February 12. The design patent also shows that LG will install most of the external functions, including buttons, speakers, and microphones, on the left-hand side of the phone, presumably to make room for the scrollable screen.

Previous patents show that the LG Rollable has a narrow screen edge and a round display. When you open the phone, you can increase the screen by about 40%, which means it can also be used as a tablet. In order to make the sliding process smoother, LG uses a rail system. On the back of the device, you can see the settings of the three cameras.

According to reports, Samsung, TCL, and other companies are also studying similar devices, but I don’t know if these will be released this year. However, there are rumors that Samsung will release its scroll screen phone this year.

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This is only a patent, which means that we cannot guarantee to see LG turn this into a real product, especially considering rumors that LG plans to withdraw from the mobile phone market.

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