LG Launches PuriCare, A Rechargeable Wearable Air Purifier Mask

According to World Health Organization (WHO), masks should be worn as part of a comprehensive strategy of measures to suppress COVID-19 transmission and save lives. However, not everybody is suitable for wearing traditional masks. The elderly and people with breathing difficulties tend to find reusable cloth masks too stuffy and hard to breathe through, while disposable masks are bad for the environment. LG decided to do something about it. The South Korean electronics giant has launched a rechargeable wearable air purifier mask that lets you breathe comfortably.

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With the LG PuriCare you can breathe in pure air everywhere you go by blocking harmful particles with high-efficiency filters. LG has showed off its PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier at the IFA press conference in Berlin.

“The PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier is an exciting addition to our growing lineup of products designed to deliver meaningful health and hygiene benefits,” said Dan Song, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “At a time when consumers are seeking ways to make life safer and more convenient, it’s important that we’re able to offer solutions that add measureable value.”

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Why should you buy LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier?

The PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier employs two H13 HEPA filters, similar to the filters used in the company’s home air purifier products.

The LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier has DUAL Fans with an ultra-small and lightweight motor and a Respiratory Sensor that senses your breath and controls the airflow to make it easier to breathe.

There are two H13 HEPA filters on-board, similar in nature to the kind the company uses for its in-home air filtration system. There are also UV-LED lights designed to kill bacteria — an added level of protection beyond the filtration system, reports TechCrunch.

What’s more, your glasses will not fog up when walking or jogging with this new mask. While most masks leak air under the nose or chin, the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier seals to your face to better protect you. The ergonomic design was created to form to the shape of any face, so it feels incredibly comfortable for everyday use. The exterior and interior parts can be replaced as needed to keep your PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier clean and safe.

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The LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier mask can be bought online from LG and other sources. It is priced at US$152.

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