Lenovo studied the blade so poorly it forgot to include one in its Demon Slayer-themed gaming chair

Image: Lenovo

Lenovo isn’t a major player in the gaming chair scene, but its Demon Slayer-themed creation shows that it could easily dice up the competition if it chose to. Per Kotaku, the company has made a limited edition chair that has a holstered katana built onto its side. But before you imagine spinning around in the chair with a sword out, there’s sadly no katana in the holster. Is it false advertising to make a Demon Slayer chair with which you can’t actually slay demons?

Doubly sad is that you can’t buy the chair. Only five are being made for a giveaway promo in Japan. Hey, if you live in Japan, follow Lenovo of Japan’s Twitter account, then retweet a tweet, and try to win this chair on behalf of us all.

Image: Lenovo

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