Lenovo LP7 IPX5 Waterproof HIFI Stereo Bass Earphone

Wiibuying brings the best giveaway you are looking for? You can easily get the Lenovo LP7. From the fans who registered on our website in public, choose 1 fan to get this free headphone.

The best features in Lenovo LP7 you need to know. It has  Wi-Fi Bluetooth headphones that are evaluates extremely low here. LP7 wi-fi Bluetooth headphones are the furthest down the line expansion to Lenovo’s sublime Rising Wi-Fi headphones inventory.

The Lenovo is accessible in a conventional dramatic ear snare Bluetooth headphone plan. Also, the dark or white smooth-looking LP7 is a multi-job headphone. The LP7 accompanies a sound delivery highlight that allows you to accept perfectly clear brings in a boisterous climate effortlessly. Moreover, the 13mm bigger estimation speaker driver in the headphones conveys a greater top-quality sound and bass.

Lenovo LP7

The v5.0 Bluetooth ability in Lenovo headphones permits you to have a solid Wi-Fi association. Moreover, the brilliant Bluetooth capacity makes the LP7 brief pause among headphones and the framework.

Also, It has a 300MAH huge limit battery: 24 hours of battery life. The Binaural superior quality calls clever clamor decrease innovation, in-ear uninvolved commotion decrease, twofold imprint top quality calls, actually like eye to eye correspondence, unafraid of obstruction.

Lenovo LP7

Lenovo LP7 is Comfortable to wear without falling: appropriate for the ergonomic plan, long-wearing without agony, light, and no pressing factor, ear-mounted wear, sports frenzy can not be shaken off. So, what are you waiting for? Register now to get free headphones here. All you need to register.

The time is from 7.16 to 7.20

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