Lenovo Legion 2 Pro Real Design Leaked: RGB Breathing Lamp

As the production capacity of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 increases, the domestic market has seen a wave of new Snapdragon 888 phones since March, with both regular flagship and game flagship being updated.

As one of the three major game mobile phone manufacturers, Lenovo Legion has also recently officially announced, and will hold a new product conference on April 8, the launch of the annual flagship — Legion 2 Pro gaming phone.

This morning, the blogger @DigitalChat posted the first real photo of the  Legion 2 Pro, showing off the device’s design.

According to the picture, the front of the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro still continues the design of the previous generation. It adopts the symmetrical non-opening all-around screen, which can bring a complete visual effect. At the same time, it is also equipped with the symmetrical dual speakers, which can bring excellent video and audio effects combined with the screen, and the game experience is also more excellent.

At the same time, the phone still uses the side pop-up forward, it has a 44 megapixel ultra clear lens, and hidden in the center position of the side of the body, when holding the game horizontally it can be raised at the same time, anytime and anywhere can be broadcast.

The back is the most striking part of Legion 2 Pro, which abandons the design of a conventional phone to focus on gaming. The overall structure continues the previous mid-mounted architecture, placing the processor in the middle of the phone and the battery at both ends.

And this time, the overall convex processor position brings a bigger space for cooling, and equipped with the industry’s first twin turbine super dimensional cooling system, it can bring faster and more efficient cooling effect, which is conducive to the Snapdragon 888 to give full play to the ultimate performance.

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In addition, Legion 2 Pro also upgrades the classic “Y” word belief light again, bringing a dazzling ROG light effect system, which can adjust the color at will, and can automatically switch according to the use of the scene, with a full sense of e-sports.

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