Lenovo Legion 2 PRO Gaming Phone Appears in 3C Network

At the end of February, Lenovo Savior officials have begun to warm up for the new models, and Lenovo China Mobile Business Department General Manager Chen Jin also confirmed that the next generation of the Legion Mobile Phone is named as the Legion Mobile Phone 2 Pro. On March 12, Lenovo Legion 2 pro with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform mobile phone appeared in China Quality Certification Center, so that we can know the information of this mobile phone in advance.

According to information released by the China quality certification center, the new phone maker is Lenovo (Beijing) co., LTD., manufacturer is MOTOROLA (wuhan) mobile communication technology co., LTD., is a digital mobile telephone, 5 g model is Lenovo L70081, equipped with LC – 658 power adapter and SC – 88 ac power supply, its net has two charger, a support up to 65 w power quick charge, a support top 45 w quick charge. Since 3C’s announcement, bloggers have speculated that the new phone will have the same dual C-port charging design as last year’s version.

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If the model shown on 3C’s website is the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro, it will also have a 144Hz AMOLED screen, LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory. Officials also announced on Weibo today that the phone will feature a new feature called “Eight Gods Button”, which will give it a much better feel than the current one.

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