LEMFO LEM15 Review – 4G+128G SmartWatch at $189.99

LEMFO has a well-established record of releasing amazing smartwatches with incredible features, quality with a sleek design. Powered by Android 10.7 and exceptionally high hardware specifications with a dual camera, LEMFO LEM15 is a smartwatch to have in 2021.


This new LEMFO LEM 15 smartwatch got a circular design that looks stylish, classy, and suitable for men and women. Measuring 18.5*50.5*50.5 mm and weighing about 90g. There are two buttons on the right side of the case. It is responsible for the function of turning on the running back. On the left side, you will find a SIM card slot. The reverse side of the device received a typical configuration; these are magnetic contacts for charging and a heart rate sensor. The smartwatch body is made out of zinc alloy with a ceramic bezel while the strap is removable and available in Leather+TPU. Having dual camera for Side camera and Front camera, convenience for video call and Face ID verification. Regarding the display screen! Lemfo LEM15 smartwatch has a 1.6-inch Full round Display created with a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels and supports the face unlock function.


LEMFO LEM15 smartwatch is loaded with a powerful processor and large-capacity RAM, which enables it to perform robustly and smoothly. The smartwatch has a powerful MT6762 octa-core or eight-core processor along with a massive 4GB DDR3 RAM. The smartwatch comes with a large 128GB of storage memory, enabling you to store many APPs and data with ease. LEMFO has taken the hardware specifications to the next level in LEM15, and it’s evident in its incredible performance.

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The LEMFO LEM15 smartwatch has many must-have features and modes, including GPS, GLONASS, and many wireless connectivity interfaces. LEMFO LEM15 smartwatch comes with Bluetooth v5.0 technology to allow the user to connect devices to it with ease. Additionally, it will enable you to connect to high-speed internet through WIFI and LTE technology. The LTE technology makes it possible for you to connect to high-speed internet from virtually anywhere. Furthermore, the smartwatch is IP67 waterproof, and it has several health sensors like a heart rate monitor and a Pedometer to keep you fit and healthy. Additionally, the 900mAh battery in the LEM15 allows you to utilize all its features and modes for days.


The LEMFO LEM15 is a Frankenstein’s monster of a device, with specifications that are closer to a smartphone than a smartwatch. Unsurprisingly, the LEM15 is large and heavy, so it will not be to everyone’s tastes. We can buy it from Banggood at $189.99 in Flash Sale.

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