Lei Jun Reveals Xiaomi MI 11 Screen: So light, so Thin

Xiaomi has officially announced that its new high-end product, the Mi 11, will be officially released on December 28. The Mi 11 phone has been listed on JD.com for pre-order, and the price will announce on December 28.

Xiaomi said the Mi 11, a new high-end phone, was officially released on December 28. Ten years are coming to an end, and a new one is about to begin. 2021 Pack light!

Today, Xiaomi officially said that the Mi 11 screen: regardless of the cost, achieves a new breakthrough in the high-end screen. This screen piles material to build, which has created 13 new screen breakthroughs. This screen costs as much as a mainstream-sized TV screen. Lei Jun said, Xiaomi high-end flagship breakthrough again: huge amount of money to customize the most top screen. The Mi 11 features xiaomi phones with the most top-of-the-line screen ever, and is probably the most expensive screen in the industry.

Xiaomi has released previews of the Mi 11 screen. It’s so light and so thin. From clarity to color accuracy, brightness to contrast, power consumption to screen refresh rate, the Mi 11 has achieved a breakthrough in all aspects, refreshing 13 records on the screen, Lei said.

According to the previously exposed information, the Mi 11 series will include at least two versions of mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro. It will continue to adopt the hole-out comprehensive screen scheme, in which the Mi 11 is hyperboloid screen and the Mi 11 Pro is 2K quadric screen, both of which will support 120Hz refresh rate and native 10bit color depth display.

According to online photos of the Mi 11, the basic mi 11 has a blue gradient rear case. The rear camera has a square design with two large sensors and a small sensor located above the LED light.

In other aspects, the Mi 11 adopts a small square matrix 2+1 three-camera design, while the Mi 11 Pro is expected to adopt a horizontal matrix camera design. In addition, Mi 11 Pro is expected to support the 100 watt super fast charge, referring to the previous mi 10 Super version of the specifications is expected to be the same mi 11 Pro 120W fast charge.

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We learned that regarding the performance of Xiaomi mi 11, it has appeared in Geekbench, which is equipped with Snapdragon 888 chip announced by Qualcomm this month. It has 12GB storage, running Android 11 OS, and has a single core score of 1135 points and a multi-core score of 3790 points, which can meet Qualcomm’s official standard.

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