Large Display, Added Blood Oxygen Detection

Xiaomi bracelet has always been the leading product in smart wearable devices, and is also a well-deserved leader in the global smart bracelet market, with total shipments ranking first in the world. The latest product currently on the market is the Mi Band 5. This product was officially released in June last year. It has been more than half a year since now, news of its successor has surfaced.

A well-known overseas media report, a product suspected of Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has recently obtained India BIS certification and has been leaked on the telecom certification website before, and it is likely to be officially unveiled in the near future.

Someone broke the news that the overall appearance of the Mi Band 6 continues the design of the previous generation, but the screen size will be further increased, the screen-to-body ratio will also increase, and the body volume will not change much.

It is worth mentioning that it is reported that Xiaomi Mi Band 6 will add blood oxygen detection function for the first time, which can detect human blood oxygen saturation in real-time so that users can keep track of their physical conditions at any time, and it can also simply assist users in screening for new coronary pneumonia. , This function is especially practical under the epidemic situation.

At the same time, Mi Band 6 will also have an independent GPS positioning function, combined with blood oxygen and exercise detection can bring more comprehensive exercise data analysis.

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In addition, Mi Band 6 will also add a large number of sports mode detection, such as dance, Zumba, cricket, basketball, boxing and other indoor sports, and even recognize some operations in somatosensory games, greatly improving the playability.

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