KOSPET ROCK Review – Military-Grade Smartwatch at $23.93 (Coupon)

Kospet Rock, a rock-hard smartwatch that can cope with almost any situation and/or adversity. Whether you work in industry, construction, or are simply a hardened adventurer: the Kospet Rock is ready to accompany you in all your challenges. This rugged smartwatch is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. What’s more, this amazing, cheap smartwatch will help you keep track of your goals and your health to keep you motivated.


As the name suggests, this Kospet Rock rugged smartwatch can withstand anything, as it has been built through the strictest manufacturing process, taking care of every detail regarding the choice of materials and the design of its structure. Drops from heights, scratches, blows against other objects, extremely high or low temperatures (-40ºC ~ 55ºC)… The Kospet Rock has been designed to stand firm under any circumstances. Free yourself from worries and live your day-to-day life to the fullest. Kospet Rock’s thin and light (yet tough) body features 3ATM water resistance.

This means you can submerge it to a maximum depth of 30 meters*, allowing you to track your best water sports, work up a sweat or run down the street in the pouring rain. Access all the information and data collected during the day on the Kospet Rock’s large display. With a size of 1.69-inch resolution of 240 x 280 pixels, information is clearly and accurately displayed even in broad daylight.

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The Kospet Rock watch also provides continuous and dynamic heart rate measurement, giving you a complete understanding of your heart’s behavior, both at rest and during activity. It accurately understands your heart rate and optimizes your workout to suit your needs. However, the Kospet Rock’s precise IR sensor also measures other key health indicators. For example, the percentage of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2); which is particularly relevant for high-intensity and/or endurance exercise, as well as blood pressure levels. With the Kospet Rock, you won’t need to carry your charger everywhere you go; as its 350 mAh battery provides up to 14 days of battery life* under typical daily use – enjoy it day and night!

The DaFit APP helps you to set clear goals. Download it to your Android or iOS smartphone and synchronize it with the Kospet Rock via Bluetooth 5.0. This will transfer all the data to the mobile app and you will be able to keep track of the progress of your routine, generate statistics, and set goals. And if that’s not enough, the Kospet Rock also helps you lead a more organized life. How? Very easy: thanks to its multiple functionalities, alerts, and reminders. For example, the Kospet watch alerts you when you have incoming calls or notifications on your smartphone; and gives you sedentary alerts when you’ve been sitting for a long time.


With the Kospet Rock, you’ll be fully motivated to exercise thanks to the daily activity monitor, which tells you everything from steps taken to distance covered, calories burned and time spent. You can buy it from Lightinthebox at $23.93 by using Coupon Code: ROCK57, with a shipping fee, is $32.27.

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