Kospet MAGIC 2 Smartwatch Vs MAGIC 2S Comparison Review

Kospet MAGIC 2 Smartwatch has another arrangement, it is as of now extensively more master looking differentiation with the essential interpretation which is balanced more on moderate style. The bezel of the Magic 2 is more like a chronograph plan with a physical catch that is right now much expressed. The Kospet Magic 2S as of now gets a red spot on the grounds that the external packaging is made of metal, truly, there are requesting plastics, yet the vast majority of them actually incline toward metal, particularly with regards to watches. Also, the external front of the cell phone is water-safe, as per the 3ATM rating.

Design and Display

Kospet MAGIC 2 Smartwatch Taking everything into account, it has a zinc composite body making it lightweight, weighing only 60 grams disregarding some development to the body. The smartwatch has a fragile anyway strong silicone tie. It incorporates a smart conveyance pin for straightforward replacement. The Kospet Magic 2 goes with an overriding lash for FREE with two-tone concealing.

Kospet Magic 2S  can’t plunge with the watch, yet less water and dampness won’t generally hurt it. The lash of the watch can be supplanted whenever there is likewise an extra part in the bundle; we can decide to request red or green. The watch’s showcase is 1.3-inch, contact touchy, and gratitude to its 360 x 360-pixel goal, it is obviously superior to other likewise estimated gadgets.

Kospet fans will plainly love this, The Kospet Magic 2 has a significantly more broad introduction blessed courier, having a 1.3′ inch TFT LCD show with 360 x 360-pixel objective. It is sharp, wide 178 degrees wide-point show it is guaranteed a super clear, wear-safe 2.5D bowed glass screen. The significant standard show screen has clear tints diverged from the standard 240 x 240-pixel objective that we see in various brands of smartwatches. It ends up being all the more engaging with preloaded watch faces, with its enormous additional room. The smartwatch has at any rate 12 watch faces to investigate.


Kospet MAGIC 2 is much snappier standing out from the past interpretation with its upgraded memory. It has a 512 KB of RAM and 128 M of glint memory. The RAM is 128 KB, with no leeway, smooth advancement of menus according to Kospet. No worries on its battery life, the Kospet Magic 2 has at any rate 7-10 days of battery life in normal use and 30 days of saving time. This is possible due to its low power use chip. The 200 mAh can keep going up to seven days in just a single charge.

Kospet MAGIC 2 Smartwatch

Kospet Magic 2S  showcase has a round plan, obviously, the dials can be supplanted; and we additionally conclude whether to turn on the screen to raise or pivot the wrist. Naturally, you can discover 5 check sheets in the product of the gadget; yet with the assistance of the application created close to Kospet Magic 2S; you can add another 21 to it, or you can make it for yourself. The smartwatch offers highlights identifies with typical wellbeing and dynamic living; so we get pulse estimation, pedometer, calorie tallying, circulatory strain computation. The blood oxygen level estimation. The rest checking alternatives, notwithstanding the 40 games modes referencing in the title and presentation.

Kospet MAGIC 2 Smartwatch

The Kospet Magic 2S Smartwatch can match with practically any telephone. Also, With any tablet running the current Android, or iOS working framework. The soundness of remote associations is ensuring a Bluetooth 5.0 modem. We have just discussed the application made close to the clock; with the assistance of which all the information estimated by the structure can be synchronized. Under the front of the Kospet Magic 2S cell phone, we discover a battery with a limit of 200 mAh; this minuscule battery can give as long as 30 days of reserve time; however, with ordinary use, 6-8 days of activity is reasonable. We can accuse the watch of the standard attractive link, obviously, we will discover it in the bundling.

Kospet MAGIC 2 Smartwatch

More Features

Kospet Magic 2 Smartwatch Much equivalent to other Kospet smartwatches. Likewise, Kospet Magic 2 is stacked with call and message alerts. In addition, as shown in Kospet, you have the choice to turn it off. It furthermore supports social application alerts, for instance, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Wechat, Weibo, WhatsApp Instagram, Kaokao Talk, and QQ. You can moreover set an alert, with up to 8 ready settings. Not at all like the fundamental variation with 12 games mode simply. Also, The Magic 2 smartwatch is squeezes inside an occasion 30 games mode. Without a doubt whether its indoor game or outside, Magic 2 got everything. The smartwatch even has sport watching for Pilates, Yoga, billiards, hula circle which you don’t customarily watch it on various smartwatches.

Kospet MAGIC 2 Smartwatch

Other than the above game features, the smartwatch has also a customizing venture counter with calorie and division following. Moreover, blood oxygen seeing to hold your prosperity leveled out continually. Additional prosperity limits recollect for the smartwatch are stopping the watching similarly as a latent alert.

Kospet MAGIC 2 Smartwatch


Kospet MAGIC 2 Smartwatch, As a rule, it’s a good section of Kospet for its games and health smartwatch fragment. There are a ton of sports watching, comedy sketches, and hardware. Kospet Magic 2s Smartwatch with numerous capacities that will currently cost you next to no cash. Both are easily available at Kospet officials

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