Kensington’s StudioCaddy is a home for all your Apple devices

The StudioCaddy has USB-A and USB-C charging ports on the side.

Following the recent release of the StudioDock, an opulent stand that turns the iPad Pro into a mini desktop computer, Kensington is expanding its Apple-focused offerings today with the $179.99 StudioCaddy. It’s an unusual product with a simple goal: it’s meant to be the place where all your Apple devices can live.

The StudioCaddy is comprised of two halves that attach magnetically. The first half is a basic metal stand that you can slot a closed MacBook into, and there’s also a rubberized shelf out front designed to hold an iPad. The second half attaches onto the front and includes two Qi wireless chargers, one vertical for an iPhone and one horizontal with a recess that you can put an AirPods case into.

You could, of course, use the…

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