JUNE 2021

Nanoleq Heart Rate Monitoring Shirt, a Milestone in the Pursuit of Holistic Biosignal Monitoring

Swiss based company Nanoleq has achieved what numerous couldn’t: Washable, stretchable, reliable and accurate biosignal monitoring technology that can be easily integrated into garments with standard textile equipment.

The product called Vital Shirt measures heart rate and heart rate variability via clinical-grade ECG, giving it a competitive edge over rival technology PPG. In fact, it’s proven to be more accurate than smartwatches, with the added benefit of being much more comfortable than a chest belt.

The Vital Shirt runs on all commercial apps, phones and sports equipment reading out heart rate signals via BLE or ANT+, providing users with valuable insights into their performance and health. Brands, businesses, health and sports enthusiasts can join the waitlist now and be notified of upcoming releases.

Find out more on the Nanoleq website.


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