Jon Stewart on AI, Lina Khan, and the other things Apple didn’t want him to say

A screenshot showing Jon Stewart sitting across from Lina Khan during his Daily Show interview.
Jon Stewart interviews Lina Khan. | Screenshot: Wes Davis / The Verge

In the months since the cancellation of The Problem With Jon Stewart on Apple TV Plus, the former host of the show, Jon Stewart, has revealed details here and there about the acrimonious relationship with Apple. While interviewing FTC Chair Lina Khan yesterday on The Daily Show about tech companies and antitrust behavior, he revealed more, telling Khan, “I wanted to have you on a podcast,” but Apple “literally said, ‘Please don’t talk to her.’”

The whole episode is worth a watch when you get a chance. The episode’s first segment included Stewart lampooning the hyperbolic promises tech companies frequently make about AI, interspersed with clips of tech execs discussing AI’s potential for replacing human labor or explaining AI-enabled…

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