Jackery’s rooftop tent is also a powerful solar generator

A pickup truck sits in an open field while the rooftop tent is unfurled on the truck’s roof, with the giant solar array angled at the sun.
The retractable panels help generate up to 4.96kWh per day in the western US, according to Jackery. | Image: Jackery

Jackery has converted the humble rooftop tent into a powerful solar generator that lets any car escape the grid for a weekend or longer. Although it’s just a concept on show at CES right now, Jackery says it will put the tent into production sometime near the end of 2024.

The retractable solar panels are said to produce up to 1000W when the car is parked and the tent is open and facing south. That’s enough to generate 4.96kWh per day in the western US, or 4kWh as you move east, according to Jackery’s estimates. There’s no mention of its resilience to wind, but that’s hardly a concern for a concept parked on ugly carpet inside the Las Vegas convention center.

Image: Jackery

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