It’s over: ‘Vax That Thang Up’ is 2021’s song of the summer

BTS’s “Butter” is one smooth song, and “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” might be a monster hit with a sweet lo-fi remix to boot. But how is anything going to compete for song of the summer now Juvenile has resurrected his 22-year-old smash “Back That Thang Up” as a catchy and timely vaccine anthem?

Just in case you don’t remember the 1999 original, here you go:

The new version atop this post is practically a full-on parody: Juvenile makes it rain vaccine cards instead of cash money, eggplant emoji are out in full force, and it sure sounds like some random dude named Scott is about to luck out. But you know all that already, because you’re already watching the video. Right? Right. My wife couldn’t stop laughing.

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