iQOO Neo 5 Has Been Appeared: Equipped With Snapdragon 870

iQOO is Vivo’s flagship high-performance and cost-effective flagship mobile phone. In addition to the top flagship digital models, the brand also has the iQOO Neo series, which focuses on mid-end cost-effective. According to past practice, iQOO may launch this series of iterative models-iQOO Neo 5 around March. This morning, a digital blogger appeared the spy photos of the iQOO Neo 5 engineering machine on Weibo.

According to the picture, iQOO Neo 5 adopts a centred hole-drilling display screen that is different from the previous ones, and the frontal holed hole looks significantly smaller than the previous generation, which can effectively reduce the impact of the frontal holed hole on the screen display effect. It is worth noting that the system interface also leaked the core configuration information of Neo 5.

The information shows that the core of iQOO Neo 5 will be equipped with the Snapdragon 870 processor, which is the latest flagship processor launched by Qualcomm last month. The hardware performance is second only to the top flagship Snapdragon 888, but the power consumption and heat generation can be improved. Good control brings better battery life and heat performance.

It is worth noting that the system also shows that iQOO Neo 5 will be equipped with 8GB+3GB running memory. It is speculated that it should be equipped with the memory fusion technology previously equipped on the iQOO 7 models.

According to the official introduction, the memory fusion technology can innovatively integrate RAM and ROM through algorithm optimization, and directly call part of the idle ROM space for RAM operation, which increases the memory capacity in disguise, which is equivalent to 3GB of free space, making 8GB The model can actually have 11GB of running memory, which greatly improves the fluency of the phone.

In addition, iQOO Neo 5 will also be equipped with the OriginOS operating system based on Android 11, which not only significantly improves the fluency and ease of use, but also introduces a variety of innovative interaction logics, which can be said to be a revolutionary mobile phone system. It is well received.

In other respects, it was previously reported that the Neo 5 screen will support a 120Hz refresh rate, at least a 4400mAh battery built in the fuselage, and 66W/88W SuperFlash 3.0 flash charging technology.

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From the perspective of parameters, iQOO Neo 5 is bound to have a big impact on the upcoming Redmi K40, which is worth looking forward to.

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