iQOO 11S vs vivo X90S: A Head-to-Head Comparison

The iQOO 11S and vivo X90S represent incremental upgrades within their product lines. The iQOO11S focuses on enhancing the gaming experience, upgrading the primary camera, and introducing fast charging. On the other hand, the vivo X90S primarily improves the processor and image algorithm. Users seeking a gaming-centric device should opt for the iQOO11S, while those prioritizing photography, particularly portrait shooting, will find the vivo X90S more suitable.

Comparison between iQOO11S and vivo X90S:


The iQOO11S boasts a Samsung E6 OLED direct-facing screen with a resolution 3200X1440, LTPO technology, and high-frequency PWM dimming. This configuration delivers a standard flagship-quality screen. Conversely, the screen of the vivo X90S is slightly inferior, but it still achieves a resolution of 1.5K with decent brightness. It also supports 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming and features a curved design, offering a satisfying visual and tactile experience.


The two models utilize flagship SOCs from Qualcomm and MediaTek. The iQOO11S employs the Snapdragon 8Gen2 processor, while the vivo X90S uses the Dimensity 9200+ processor. Although the Dimensity 9200+ is positioned higher on paper, actual tests reveal that the Snapdragon 8Gen2 offers slightly better performance and power consumption stability. Moreover, manufacturers strongly prefer adjusting Snapdragon series chips, making them the go-to choice for avid gamers.

In addition, the iQOO11S enhances the gaming experience further with features like dual pressure sensitivity under the screen and dual X-axis motors. This model is also equipped with a new generation of super-computing independent display chips that support super-resolution, elevating the game screen’s display effect and providing a heightened sense of immersion within gaming scenes.


Both models feature a 50-megapixel primary camera with Sony IMX866 sensors. Although the lens is essentially a remodel of the IMX766, the specifications remain impressive, resulting in good imaging quality.

However, the overall camera performance of the vivo X90S stands out even more. It features a 32-megapixel high-definition front-facing camera and a 12-megapixel wide-angle rear camera. Additionally, the vivo X90S introduces the latest image algorithm, including Zeiss Natural Color 2.0, for enhanced texture and vibrant colors. The self-developed V2 image chip has also significantly improved, enhancing photography capabilities.


Notably, the iQOO11S showcases a substantial improvement in fast charging capabilities. It supports 200W super flash charging, allowing for swift battery replenishment. However, the battery capacity stands at 4700mAh, which is relatively modest. The vivo X90S combines a 4810mAh battery and 120W flash charging. Although there is a difference between the two models, it is generally not significant.

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Considering the price, the iQOO 11S is advantageous as it offers a lower price for the same storage capacity. Additionally, it excels in gaming attributes, making it a suitable choice for gaming enthusiasts. On the other hand, the vivo X90S shines in terms of its special image functions, catering to hobbyist photographers seeking impressive photography capabilities.

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