iPhone SE 4 Leak Suggests iPhone 14-Like Design and 48MP Camera

Overseas media MacRumors reports that Apple plans to give its entry-level model, the iPhone SE 4, an “epic” upgrade in appearance design and hardware specifications.

The new iPhone SE 4, internally referred to as “Ghost,” will adopt the same mold design as the iPhone 14. Considering that Apple’s official website only offers the standard versions of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 among models with notch screens, it makes sense for the new SE 4 to upgrade its mold to match the iPhone 14.

It’s important to note that the middle frame edge of the iPhone 14 differs from the chamfering design of the iPhone 15, potentially resulting in a more pronounced “cutting feeling” when using the device without a case.

The new iPhone SE 4 will be the first model to feature Face ID, eliminating the Touch ID Home button. In essence, Touch ID will be exclusive to the iPad and Mac series in the future and will no longer be incorporated into mobile phones.

However, given that the SE 4 is Apple’s entry-level model, it will not adopt the same rear dual-camera design as the iPhone 13 and 14. Initial information suggests that the SE 4’s rear lens module will resemble that of the iPhone Xr, retaining only one lens but with identical specifications to the iPhone 15’s 48-megapixel main camera, supporting 2x lossless optical zoom.

Currently, Apple has designed at least five different iPhone SE 4 models, primarily falling into two categories:

  1. A rectangular bump houses the camera and flash, resembling the separate lens crater seen on the Xr.

Another significant change is that, in compliance with EU legislation, the new SE 4 will come equipped with a USB-C interface, although it will only support USB 2.0 speed, similar to the iPhone 15.

One unconfirmed piece of news suggests that the mute switch on the iPhone SE4 will be eliminated and replaced with a multifunctional action button akin to the one found on the iPhone 15 Pro series.

Regarding network connectivity, despite Apple’s recent three-year cooperation agreement with Qualcomm on 5G base generation, there have been reports of Apple heavily investing in the research and development of its proprietary 5G modem.

Recent reports indicate that Apple has allocated approximately US$7 billion for the development of self-designed 5G modems, codenamed “Sinope.” These modems are currently being tested on the iPhone SE4 and iPhone 15 Pro Max derivatives “D84S,” although their reliability remains uncertain. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that they will be integrated into the iPhone SE4 upon its official release.

It’s important to keep in mind that the information available at this stage is pre-production data. The iPhone SE4 is still in the early stages of development, and design adjustments and changes may occur. Consequently, the information presented here may not align entirely with the final production specifications.

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