iPhone Battery Hacks That Will Save You Hours: Complete Guide

The durability of Apple mobile phones is progressively diminishing, requiring users to charge them twice or even three times a day. While it’s understandable for power consumption to increase during activities like watching videos, dramas, or playing mobile games, the insufficient battery life of Apple phones during daily use significantly hampers users’ lives. If you find yourself constantly needing to charge your iPhone throughout the day, here are some techniques shared by Xuechang Niu that can help you conserve power and extend your iPhone’s battery life hacks.

  1. Identify the main causes of iPhone power consumption Navigate to [Settings] – [Battery] on your iPhone to determine which apps consume the most power. Assess whether the power consumption aligns with your usage time. If your phone rapidly drains power while using social apps, there may be underlying issues. Additionally, check the battery’s health and maximum capacity. If the maximum capacity is below 80%, it indicates battery aging, which can contribute to fast power depletion. In such cases, it is advisable to replace the battery promptly.
  2. Optimize iPhone power usage
  3. Activate “Low Power Mode” When you primarily use social and shopping apps without playing mobile games, enabling “Low Power Mode” can effectively extend your iPhone’s battery life. Simply go to [Settings] – [Battery] and enable “Low Power Mode.”
  4. Disable unnecessary app location services Most apps, aside from mapping applications, don’t require location services, which not only drain power but also compromise privacy. Navigate to [Settings] – [Privacy and Security] – [Location Services] to identify and disable unnecessary location access for apps
  5. Turn off “Background App Refresh” The “Background App Refresh” feature allows apps to refresh content in the background. Even if this feature is disabled, it won’t affect message reception and will conserve more power on your iPhone.
  6. Enable “Dark Mode” Professional evaluations have shown that enabling dark mode on iPhones with OLED screens can significantly reduce power consumption, saving you from 4.2 watts down to 0.2 watts.

To switch to dark mode, go to [Settings] – [Display and Brightness] – [Dark Mode]. If an all-black interface is not your preference, you can choose “Automatic” mode, which adapts to light colors during the day and dark colors at night.

  1. Disable “Always-on Display” The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max introduced the “Always-on Display” feature, which maintains screen brightness and displays lock screen elements, including wallpaper, time, and widgets, even when the screen is locked. Some users find this feature power-consuming and risk-prone to screen burn-in. To disable it, navigate to [Settings] – [Display and Brightness], locate [Always-on Display], and toggle it off or selectively enable wallpaper or notification display.
  2. Turn off “Analysis and Improvement” During new device activation, Apple offers the option to enable shared iPhone analysis and improvement to enhance products and services. Enabling this function may increase power consumption since it involves transmitting usage records and data in the background. To disable it, go to [Settings] – [Privacy and Security] – [Analysis and Improvement], and disable “Share iPhone Analysis.”
  3. Reduce dynamic effects Apple incorporates dynamic effects like zooming in and out to enhance the visual experience on iPhones. However, for older iPhone models after updating to newer systems, disabling these dynamic effects can effectively reduce power consumption. Access [Settings] – [Accessibility] – [Motion] and enable “Reduce Motion.” It is also recommended to disable “Auto-play Message Effects” and “Auto-play Video Previews.”

By implementing these techniques, you can significantly improve your iPhone Battery Hacks and enhance its power efficiency. Give them a try and enjoy extended usage time on your device!

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