iPhone 16 Pro’s battery capacity only increased by 81 mAh

Igeekphone November 20 news, today for the first time online iPhone 16 Pro battery spy photos and information, continued Apple’s consistent conservative strategy, but there are some changes in design and heat dissipation.

From the exposure diagram, the capacity of this early prototype battery of the iPhone 16 Pro is only 3355mAh, equivalent to 13.02Whr, and the charging voltage is limited to 4.48V.

Compared with the iPhone 15 Pro 3274mAh, this is only an increase of 81mAh, or 2.48%.

Although it is a prototype device, it does not rule out later changes, but it is unlikely.

On the other hand, although the new battery is still L-shaped, the bright surface has been changed to a slightly dimmer metal housing, and the interface has been redesigned.

The reason is unknown, guess is to assist heat dissipation, because this generation of iPhone 15 Pro series equipped with A17 Pro processor heat is large, but the heat dissipation did not keep up, resulting in a flip, the next generation will focus on improvement.

It is said that the iPhone 16 Pro series is testing the graphene heat dissipation system and VC heat dissipation system, and improving the battery heat dissipation is also part of it, but the specific how to do is not yet determined.

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