iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera Appeared: Expected 1-Inch Sensor

Reports indicate that the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max is set to feature an impressive 48-megapixel camera, signaling a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The primary camera of the iPhone15 Pro Max will utilize the advanced Sony IMX903 sensor, which resembles a 1-inch sensor size.

Its innovative stacking technology sets the Sony IMX903 camera apart, allowing for independent optimization of the pixel transistor layer and photodiode layer. This breakthrough implementation results in a notable enhancement in saturation signal performance, effectively doubling the dynamic range and minimizing noise levels. Particularly in low-light conditions, the sensor’s accuracy in interpreting light signals is greatly improved. Sony has achieved this by doubling the light-gathering capability of the CMOS image sensor through their groundbreaking stacking technology.

Equipped with such cutting-edge sensor technology, the iPhone15 Pro Max stands tall among the top contenders in the Android camp, explicitly competing with the flagship 1-inch video smartphones.

Furthermore, the iPhone15 Pro Max will exclusively feature a periscope telephoto lens, setting it apart from other models in the iPhone 15 series. This periscope telephoto lens will support an impressive.

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