iPhone 15 has been transformed! 9 features on the 14 series will be gone on Sept.15

igeekphone news on September 12, some media took stock of the specific changes of the iPhone 15 series, and stressed that “iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 are completely different”, the specific differences are as follows:

1. Say goodbye to Lightning

This year’s iPhone 15 series is all standard with USB-C port, starting with the iPhone 5, Apple enabled Lightning for the first time, and now it is replaced by USB-C.

2. Say goodbye to Liu Haiping

This year’s iPhone 15 is all “on the island”, saying goodbye to the Liu Haiping era created by the iPhone X. Unfortunately, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus still have 60Hz screens.

3. Say goodbye to the mute switch button

According to the news, on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple will replace the original lever mute button with a button.

4. Say goodbye to 12 million main photos

Starting with the iPhone 6s, the 12-megapixel main camera has been a standard feature of previous iphones. However, starting from the iPhone 15, 48 million pixels onto the stage, whether it is the standard version or the Pro version, the main camera is 48 million pixels.

5, say goodbye to the stainless steel frame

The iPhone 15 Pro series will be made of titanium alloy, which is called Ti-6Al-4V. It is composed of 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium and 90% titanium, and has extremely high mechanical properties. Its corrosion resistance is very good, and it can even withstand many strong acids and alkalis.

6, say goodbye to the white rubber data cable

Apple’s iPhone 15 series will come standard with a USB-C braided cable, instead of the traditional white rubber data cable.

7. Use a matte glass back

The matte glass back used on the Pro series will be placed on the standard iPhone 15 model, which feels better and is less susceptible to fingerprints.

8. The $1,000 iPhone will disappear

There are signs that the price of the iPhone 15 series will increase, which means that the $1,000 iPhone could disappear.

9. The gold iPhone will disappear

Exposed renderings show that the iPhone 15 Pro series offers silver, black, Titan gray and dark blue, with the traditional gold color missing.

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