iPhone 13 Pro Renderings Unveiled

Recently, Guo Mingxiang released the latest research report on Apple, which mentioned the iPhone 13, including a number of new product planning, reminded everyone of the strong iPhone 13.

As a result, the last two days of iPhone 13 leaks have surfaced, and today a new set of HD iPhone 13 Pro renderings have been released.

According to the photos, iPhone 13 Pro’s design is basically the same as previously reported. It has a large camera module on the back, which still contains three cameras. The increased area of the camera module means it will deliver better images, making it the most powerful iPhone ever to take photos.


In addition to the changes in the back camera module, the iPhone 13 series will bring a new “small fringe” design on the front, which is much shorter than the previous length, and the screen ratio will be effectively improved.

According to recent reports, iPhone 13 Pro series still has the complex Face ID structured light component in the fringe area, but the receiver has been moved to the top of the screen, parallel to the other components. This reduces the area of the fringe by saving more space than previous designs.

At the same time, the supply chain is almost certain that Apple will add a 120Hz high refresh rate display to the iPhone 13 Pro series, and will have Samsung LTPO adaptive refresh rate display that can intelligently adjust refresh rate up to 1Hz, so users don’t have to choose between battery life and high refresh rate.

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However, it is important to note that although the design and configuration of the new iPhone are almost clear, the name of the new iPhone is still the biggest question mark. The convention is to call it the iPhone 13, but overseas customers seem to be so taboo about this name that Apple may be forced to change the name to the iPhone 12S.

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