iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max Continues to Monopolize the Lidar Scanner

The launch of the iPhone 13 series is getting closer. After revealing that the new 14 “/16” MacBook Pro’s front-facing camera has been upgraded to 1080P, DylandKT has revealed new Intel about the iPhone 13 series.

According to him, the LIDAR (laser radar scanner) will still only be available in the Pro series for this generation, not the regular version.

LiDAR on the Pro starting in 2020, according to the introduction of apple, it can be in indoor or outdoor measuring the distance with the surrounding objects, furthest range can be up to 5 meters, and can in nanoseconds speed from the aspect of photon detection, through cooperation with other sensors as well as the core processor, it can improve augmented reality experience, optimize the motion capture, in addition.  With the help of the rangefinder APP, the height of the person can be automatically calculated easily and quickly. At the same time, the practical vertical and edge reference lines automatically displayed can allow the user to measure the object quickly and accurately.

In fact, the iPhone 13/13 Mini has no LIDAR reserve, despite switching to a diagonal dual camera, according to the widely circulated models from accessory manufacturers.

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As far as we know, iPhone 13 series is expected to be released on September 24th.

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