iPhone 12 Black Screen: Is It a Software or Hardware Issue?

The iPhone 12 engages in games, and suddenly, the screen fades to black with circles. You should press and hold the power button multiple times to initiate a restart.

As you’re scrolling through dramas on your Apple 12, watching novels, it unexpectedly freezes, leaving the screen completely black. What’s your next step?

What should you do if you wake up and find your iPhone 12 won’t turn on for some reason, and the screen remains in darkness?

If your iPhone 12 is a model sold by the Bank of China and was purchased through regular channels, there’s generally no rush to send it for repairs. Instead, consider trying these self-help guides.

Overextended usage of your iPhone might lead to a black screen due to phone overheating. In such instances, allow the iPhone to cool down before restarting the device.

Additionally, you can also consider the following solutions:

Charge Your iPhone: Many users assume their iPhone has sufficient power, neglecting the possibility of a drained battery. Especially after an iOS update, abnormal power consumption may occur, diminishing battery life. When your iPhone 12 displays a black screen and refuses to turn on, promptly charge it and attempt a restart after 15 minutes.

Update Applications: Upgrading your iPhone 12 to iOS 15 or iOS 16 might cause incompatibility with certain apps, resulting in a black screen. Restart issues associated with specific apps are often due to conflicts with the iOS system. It’s recommended to keep the iOS system up to date.

System Glitch: If your iPhone 12 experiences unexplained black screen restarts during flashing, iOS updates, or clicking unknown links, it could indicate a system-related problem. System issues in Apple devices may manifest as black screens, freezes, or infinite restarts.


Method 1: Force Restart

In cases of a black screen, a white apple, or a spontaneous restart, attempt a force shutdown and restart. If the problem persists, consider alternative solutions.

To force restart iPhone 12:

Press the volume up and down buttons simultaneously, then hold the power button until the Apple logo appears from the black screen. Release the buttons and await normal startup.

Method 2: System Repair

For iPhone 12 system issues, professional tools like Niu Xuechang’s Apple mobile phone repair tool can aid in repair. This tool can address over 150 iOS system faults, including being stuck on the Apple icon, black screens, unresponsive screens, recovery mode issues, and device loops.

Repair process:

Launch Niu Xuechang’s tool and connect your iPhone to the computer using a data cable. Select “Fix iOS System Problems.”

Opt for “Standard Repair” for data retention or “Deep Repair” for higher success rates (data loss occurs).

Follow on-screen instructions to put your iPhone into recovery or DFU mode.

After device recognition, click “Download Firmware” and commence repair. The process takes about 10 minutes. Don’t disconnect the cable until the “repair complete” displays.

4. WLAN Switching Crashes

This solution stems from user feedback and effectively resolves iPhone 12’s unexplained black screen restarts. In “Settings,” navigate to “Cellular Data” and disable “Wireless LAN Assistant.” This prevents the phone from excessively switching between Wi-Fi and mobile networks, which can lead to freezing and black screens.

5. Hardware Issue

If your iPhone 12 persistently restarts with a black screen or remains unresponsive, hardware problems might be the cause. This could involve battery, CPU, or power supply malfunctions on the mainboard. Short-circuit issues in related lines are also possible hardware problems. In such cases, consider reaching out to Apple for timely repairs.

Have you familiarized yourself with the solutions to address the iPhone 12’s unexplained black screen and the issue of it not turning on suddenly?

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