iPad Mini 6 Will Look Like iPad Air 3, More Details About 2021 iPads Appear

The latest info about upcoming iPads is in and it seems that it’s somehow focused a bit on the iPad Mini, the new one. Japanese blog Macotakara writes about the expectations for the 2021 iPad series. Turns out that the new entry level iPad and also iPad Mini 2021 will look like an iPad Air 3.

Apple debuted the fourth gen iPad Air in 2020, which had a similar design with the iPad Pro. Now reports claim that the entry level iPad launched in 2021 will still keep the iPad Air 2019 design, meaning it has an arc frame and a Home button. The entry level 2021 iPad, also dubbed iPad 9th gen will uses a 10.2 inch screen, as the 8th gen before it did. It’s also expected to be thinner and lighter. Sources talk about a 6.3 mm waistline and also a 460 gram weight.

There’s also talk about the new slates using Touch ID, Lightning ports, a full laminated screen, P3 and True Tone displays. As far as the future iPad Pro goes, Macotakara claims that the physical design will remain unchanged, but the CPU inside will get a serious performance bump. It’s also not very clear if we see a switch to Mini LED or OLED display this year. However, multiple sources have leaked info about a Mini LED iPad coming in Q1 2021 and also a 5G iPad coming in the Fall.

I’m also curious about the CPU, which may be closer to the Apple M1 rather than the Apple A14. The new iPad Mini 6 is said to have an Apple A14 CPU and a larger screen than before, perhaps an 8.5 inch one.

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