iPad Mini 6 Confirmed to Bring First Design Upgrade in 9 Years

We wrote about it before as a rumor, but today it’s pretty much confirmed. The iPad mini is bound to get its first design upgrade over the past 9 years with the iPad Mini 6. The first iPad Mini debuted in 2012 and its latest version came in 2019.

In 2021 we should also get a new iPad Mini, the iPad Mini 6, which will be a miniature iPad Air 4 apparently. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg unveiled in his newsletter Power On that the next iPad Mini will be a smaller iPad Air 4, the one unveiled in September 2020. This means we’re bound to get a Power button at the top with the Touch ID integrated within it. The slate will keep the reduced size, but increase the diagonal to 7.9, 8.5 or even 9 inches in diagonal.

Obviously the bezels will be smaller this time. Edges will be flat, inspired by the latest iPhone 12 and iPad models and vent he new 24 inch iMac with M1 CPU. The Lightning port will be canned in favour of an USB-C port and we should get a much better CPU. The iPad Mini 5, the current model uses an Apple A12 CPU, found on the iPad Air 3 and the iPad 8.

We expect either a big switch to the Apple M1 or maybe to the Apple A14 from the iPhone 12, or even better, the A15 from iPhone 13. I also expect to see strong stereo, perhaps even quad speakers and Apple Pencil input.

The same source also talks about a new iMac with a 27 inch screen and a brand new Apple M2X processor, plus vivid colors for the case.

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