i12 TWS Earbuds vs QCY T2C TWS Earphones – Comparison Review

Fake earphone comparison

i12 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

In recent years anyone who has bit of knowledge about earbuds knows that apple airpod is the most popular earbud in the market. Although in terms of sound quality and battery life airpod is not as astounding like other wired in ear earphones but due to heavy marketing by Apple, many consider the weird shape of airpod now stylish and elegant! And what truly popularized the airpod is the True Wireless design and auto connectivity and fast auto pairing. But the drawback is the hefty 200$ price that you have to pay to acquire this device.

fake-apple-earpodsIf you are looking for a TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbud but do not have the money to buy an airpod, or may be looking for something cheaper to use while traveling outside, i12 TWS probably the most suitable option for you. Just like airpod these earbuds has auto pairing, auto connect and auto charging feature. After the initial pairing process is done these earbuds will auto connect every time you bring the earbuds out of the case. Instead of buttons these earbuds have touch control that allows some limited functions like pause/play, next/previous track and volume control if you are an iPhone user (on Android volume control does not work).

The only reported problem with these earbuds is connectivity. Although the product features up to 10m wireless range, but if there is any obstacles in between your phone and earbuds you might face disconnection. Another drawback is the shape of the earbud, which is not suitable for anyone with big ear canal. Therefore, please be careful while jogging while wearing these earbuds, otherwise you might lose it!

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QCY T2C TWS Earbuds

After the initial success of QCY T1C, the T2C really grabbed the attention of many TWS enthusiasts. Although many suspects QCY to be a brand of Xiaomi but no one can confirm it yet. Unlike the 450 angled shape i12, the QCY T2C is designed to fit inside ear canal and has in ear tip. Practically speaking, ear canal shape works significantly better when using outdoor than 450 angled shape.

Unfortunately, QCY T2C doesn’t have any touch control. Instead T2C utilizes 1 button on each earbud to pause/play and change track. T2C also doesn’t have volume control feature, which means you’ll have to reach inside your pocket to change the volume from your mobile. Pricewise QCY T2C is slightly more expensive than i12 but has significantly more battery life and better sound quality. Instead of lightening charging cable in i12, QCY T2C uses micro-USB cable for charging the case.

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As per sound quality QCY T2C has more bass in its sound signature than i12 and more pronounced treble. T2C has noise canceling feature with HiFi sound quality, an important feature which is missing in i12. Both of these earbuds have hands free “hey google” and “hey siri” feature, which is recommended to turn off if you want to save more battery.

In the end, if you are looking for an airpod clone don’t hesitate to give i12 a try but if outdoor use and prolonged battery life is your choice go for QCY T2C.