Huawei’s PC business isn’t facing issues, new model coming next month


On Monday, we reported that Huawei’s PC business might be the worst hit with the on-going US ban following reports that the tech giant had ordered deliveries and development of new PCs be suspended. A new report says there is no truth to the matter.

Reports from Chinese media say insiders have termed the rumor as false and work is still ongoing. The unnamed source even revealed Huawei will release a new model next month. This new model will bring new features and may even be the first of a new series.


It has been reported that rumors about the suspension of production and development of new PCs might have been as a result of Huawei postponing the launch of the new MateBook. The PC was originally reported to be announced at CES Asia which began this week.

There is no info on the specs of the new PC are currently unknown. However, while it will launch in China in July, it may take a while before arriving in other markets.