Huawei is set to release its most advanced flagship phones yet in its annual launch event next week. It is an addition to their already popular flagship P series. The device is set to compete with the smartphone industry’s top two giants, Apple and Samsung.

In this digital age of advancements, getting ahead of one another is the primary motive of every single smartphone company. The perimeters of comparison are categorized in terms of speed, usability, and specifications. Huawei just upped its game with the introduction of a multi-lens camera with a periscope lens. It is a feature absent in the company’s rivals latest released devices giving them a clear edge in terms of competition.

Design and spec. leaks before the launch of a smartphone aren’t considered unusual anymore. There have been leaks predicting the new zoom and low-light photography features of the handset. But, what if the leaks come straight from the company itself..? Looks like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

Well, guess what. This is just what happened a few days ago. Amazon listed the handset, which confirmed all the previous rumors and tarnished Huawei’s next week reveal.

IMAGE SOURCE: Android Police

Since the design and specs are now in the open, it’s safe for the people to start buying it. Sadly enough, the customers will have to wait till the next week’s release to get their hands on the company’s newest arrival.

Since both the P30 models are visible in these renders, almost all the previous leaks have been proven correct. The different color options have rapidly attracted the customers’ attention. Oddly enough, this massive mishap by Amazon could prove fruitful for Huawei in the long run.