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Huawei to announce a new Kirin chip tomorrow on May 30


According to reports from Huawei Insiders, the company will launch a new Kirin chip on May 30. Although the consumers have been waiting for the new Kirin 985 sadly it’s not that. The new chip will be the new mid-end chip of HiSilicon. It will have a common name such as Kirin 720, the successor of the Kirin 710.

Kirin 720

Previously, it was revealed the Kirin 720 will be produced by TSMC and will adopt the 10nm process node. The report also pointed out that Kirin 720 may be Huawei’s last chip using ARM core design.


Similarities in Kirin 710 & 720

The Kirin 710 uses a 12nm process. With its basis on four ARM Cortex-A73 cores with the main frequency of 2.2GHz, it will be able to handle complex tasks, and the other four ARM Cortex-A53 cores have a frequency of 1.7GHz, which will handle general tasks. The graphics processor (GPU) is the ARM Mali G51 MP4, while the new Kirin may come with the upgraded GPU and NPU to improve chip performance.

Pseudo-flagship chips

Generally, Kirin’s 7xx series chips are considered to be pseudo-flagship chips. In other words, these SoCs come with many features seen on the flagship models. However, they cost less and are usable on mid-range smartphones. As you guess, the Kirin 7xx series chips compete with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7xx series. As you remember, there are a few top-end models packed with this SoC. Say, VIVO’s X series flagships are packed with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7xx line processors. In this sense, the Kirin 720 and its predecessors deserve more attention.

As for Huawei, we are waiting for Nova series models to be packed with it. Although the lower variants of the new Mate and P series phones maybe packed with it as well.