Huawei P70 camera Deco material exposure: the industry’s first triangle shape

Igeekphone January 6 news, Huawei released the P60 series in March last year, calculate the time, and now the P70 series is about to unveil.

Recently, various Revelations about Huawei P70 have also emerged in an endless stream, and even today, the camera Deco material was exposed.

From the picture, Huawei P70 uses the industry’s original triangular three-camera module, although the previous generation is also in a similar arrangement, but the overall module is still a more coordinated rectangle, and now directly into a triangle.

This is also a continuation of the previous generation of P60 Art innovation attempts, which is already unique in the mobile phone industry today.

Of course, this generation is not only the unique shape of the camera, the lens is also very interesting, Huawei continues to promote the replacement of domestic components, using OV50H main photography.

Data show that the OV50H uses 1.2μm pixel size, 50 million pixel resolution, reaching 1/1.3 inch outsole, support full resolution 30fps, 12.5MP mode 120fps and 60fps HDR.

At the same time, this sensor supports H/V QPD, that is, it can do horizontal + vertical four-pixel phase focus, which is more advanced than the SONY IMX989, which is also the first Howe flag to support H/V QPD CMOS.

Analyst Guo Mingqi has said that Huawei P70 series being developed by Huawei is Huawei’s next important milestone product, and the sales performance of this new flagship product will even exceed Huawei P60, which is worth it

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