Huawei P50 Pro+ is expected to be Equipped with Huawei’s Liquid Lens Technology

It has long been rumored that Huawei’s new P50 flagship series, debuting out in the first half of this year, it would be expected to debut with liquid lens technology, but the technology has been snagged by Xiaomi’s newly unveiled Mix Fold. But now there is the latest news, recently a well-known digital blogger revealed that Huawei P50 will also be equipped with liquid lens technology, and brought more details on the camera.

According to the well-known digital blogger @ digital gossip station , according to the latest information and after exposure, the news of new huawei flagship series P50 (huawei P50 Pro +) will also be carrying liquid lens technology and has been tested for a long time.

As for other aspects, according to previous exposure, new huawei P50 series will still contain P50, P50 Pro and Pro + three versions, including P50 will use micro curved screen, P50 Pro for waterfall screen and P50 Pro + is for curved surface screen, which all will be the first to use the center of the single hole design. In terms of configuration, Huawei’s P50 series should naturally be equipped with the latest Kirin 9000L/9000E/9000 processor by convention. The biggest highlight of the phone is naturally the camera, which will be standard with Sony exclusive customized IMX800 sensor, with nearly 1 inch large bottom, which is Sony’s largest bottom sensor in history, it can bring more powerful imaging effect, at the same time with Huawei’s unique RYYB arrangement, night shooting ability will be upgraded again.

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The new Huawei P50 series flagship phone is expected to be delayed until May or even June. Compared to traditional optical lenses, the liquid lens will not only improve the image capability, but also reduce the weight of the phone and improve the bulge of the lens. The whole design may also be a step up. We’ll see more details.

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