Huawei P50 Pro Concept Renderings Appeared: Quad Curved Screen

the well-known whistleblower @Teme released a rendering of the Huawei P50 Pro drawn by foreign media LetsgoDigital through Huawei’s early patents, indicating that the machine will use a four-curved screen and a drop-shaped rear panel. The regular lens module and the whistleblower said today that it may use the long-rumored liquid lens, but he is not sure.

The Elec quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Huawei is planning to launch the 2021 model of its strategic smartphone brand P series sometime in the first half of next year, and the current Huawei P50 series of OLED panels Samsung Display and LG Display are ready to supply.

Huawei once published a patent for lens technology in November 2018. The patent shows that Huawei may be developing a new liquid camera to further enhance the camera’s shooting capabilities. Because of this, the liquid lens technology that ranks the most with graphene batteries every year is the liquid lens technology, but Huawei has never publicly stated its position.

The principle of this patent is not difficult. It is to add a liquid fixed lens group between the two traditional lenses, as shown in the middle part of the figure below so that only by changing the voltage on both sides of the liquid, the focal length can be changed and the imaging Clearer, lower distortion rate, can greatly reduce the color imbalance caused by late synthesis. In addition, the emergence of liquid cameras can also change the current situation of camera protrusions.

Later, Huawei applied for a patent entitled “Motor components, camera modules, and electronic equipment for driving liquid lenses” on December 25, 2019, and the patent was also published on April 7, 2020.

It is worth mentioning that liquid lenses are not new. They have been used in high-end professional fields such as astronomical telescopes and medical endoscopes.

In addition to Huawei, many mobile phone manufacturers such as OPPO have also applied for “liquid lens” patents. Even as early as 2005, a company called Varioptic showed Cebit, the world’s first liquid zoom lens camera phone.

In addition, the digital blogger also revealed that liquid lenses can be commercially produced next year, mainly for telephoto lenses.

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Most of these technologies use a drop-like liquid material similar to the lotus leaf to show that it is condensed into a specific glass to make a variable protrusion (lens) to act as a lens for a mobile phone lens. Developers only need to change the input point. The zoom and viewfinder can be realized at different magnifications by pressing, which has the advantages of space-saving and low cost. It can even realize a lens to replace the current main camera + ultra wide-angle + zoom three-shot structure, and at the same time help to enhance the zoom performance and stability.

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