Huawei P10 Specs and Features

Huawei P10 – A better P9 ?

MWC is around the corner and we are super exited. In 12 days I will travel to barcelona and checkout the latest Huawei Smartphone on their press conference. Most companies are already posting teasers right now to raise attention about their latest smartphones. Also Huawei uploaded a video on their official channel teasering the P10.

The 20-second teaser video on YouTube promoting the Huawei P10 model can be found here:

According to the video the new P10 model will “Change the way the world sees you”, hinting at the dual-camera setup we’ve already seen in Huawei P9 last year. The video is nothing special but shows some information. On the upper side of the screen is the company logo while on the lower side we see “Barcelona 26.02.17”. This is where the press conference takes place and where the Huawei P10 will be released.