Huawei Nova 9 Series Should be Released in Early August

At the end of 2020, Huawei officially launched the Nova 8 series of products. After more than half a year, a netizen broke the news that Huawei will still release the new Huawei NOVA 9 series products in accordance with the previous rhythm. It is reported that the Nova 9 series will be released around August to October this year. If you like the Nova series, you can look forward to it.

It is understood that the Huawei Nova 9 series is similar in design to the Huawei Nova 8 series, but the lens combination will exist in the form of “dual mirrors”, so the appearance level will appear higher. In terms of configuration, affected by “chip outage”, Huawei Nova 9 series may use 4G chip, not support 5G network.

Previously, HUAWEI NOVA series has always been focused on high appearance level design. Each generation of NOVA will bring new breakthroughs in design, so we have reason to believe that HUAWEI NOVA 9 series will bring new surprises to us in appearance design.

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In addition to the Nova 9 series, Huawei will also launch the all-new P50 series later this year, and those who like Huawei’s new P series can also look forward to this product.

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