Huawei “Memory Turbo” Technology to Increase Memory Is Coming Soon

Today, a Chinese blogger @菊厂影业Fans revealed that Huawei will launch a technology to increase memory, or it will be named “Memory Turbo“, which can change the storage from 6GB to 6+2GB. He also added that the technology can be used not only on phones but also on devices such as PCs.

It is worth mentioning that in October last year, Huawei launched a similar new memory expansion technology for the Mate 40/Pro series, which can make the equivalent capacity of the memory a quarter larger. 8GB is equivalent to 10GB, and 12GB is equivalent to 14GB, but there is no follow-up. It is expected that this new technology can be extended to more models with Harmony OS and on the device.

According to Huawei, this memory expansion technology uses technologies such as dynamic packet compression and super memory flash fusion, but the specific principle has not been announced. The guess is that part of the flash memory is used as virtual memory.

As for PC extended memory, in fact, there has long been a “virtual memory” technology, which uses part of the hard disk space as memory. When running a program requires a lot of data and occupies a lot of memory, the memory will be “filled up”, and those temporarily unused data will be placed on the hard disk, and the space occupied by these data is virtual memory. At this moment, I don’t know what Huawei “Memory Tubo” has on the PC, we will wait and see.

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