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Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021 Released: i7-1165G7, 3K Full Screen

Huawei launched the new MateBook X Pro 2021, which is another step forward on the road of smart innovation, especially in the field of smart office, which includes Huawei’s imagination of the new era of PCs. Everyone may wish to learn about it with the iGeekphone.

Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021 is an upgraded version of last year’s MateBook X Pro. The most intuitive change is the use of the 11th generation Intel® Core™ i7-1165G7/ i5-1135G7 processor with a base frequency of 2.8GHz and a maximum frequency of 4.7GHz. Compared with the tenth-generation Core, the 11th-generation Core has a very obvious upgrade in performance and power consumption control. This is reflected in the MateBook X Pro 2021 model, which is more powerful, and you can do more with it when you go out.

In particular, the introduction of the Iris® Xe-LP GPU in the 11th generation of Core Duo has increased the graphics processing performance of the integrated display configuration by 261% compared with the previous generation. Its performance can surpass 90% of the discrete graphics cards in this market segment, comparable to the standalone MX350. This means that when users travel with MateBook X Pro 2021, they can even complete some moderate video editing or screen rendering, which is unimaginable in the previous thin and light notebooks.

Of course, the upgrade of processor hardware is only the most basic aspect of MateBook X Pro 2021. As the leader of the third generation of mobile office, this notebook has more rich features to form a complete smart office experience.

First of all, it is naturally based on the new multi-screen collaboration function shared by Huawei, which we will explain in more detail below. In short, the multi-screen collaboration function has become more and more usable with the update iterations of MateBook series notebooks and Huawei mobile phones. It can break the barriers of Windows and Android systems in a deeper level. For example, the keyboard and mouse of the PC can work for mobile phones. And three mobile phone application windows can be opened on the notebook.

People often need to switch back and forth between PC and mobile phone at work. Multi-screen collaboration eliminates this switching process and makes everything very natural. This is the ideal state of smart interaction.

In addition to switching between devices, people often need to switch between different locations in the office. For example, half of the pictures made at home at night need to be completed at the company the next day. In the past, people needed to use mobile storage devices to back and forth backup, but in MateBook X Pro The 2021 model has a built-in HUAWEI cloud space. Half of the drawings, half of the draft, and half of the cut videos can be placed in the cloud space. The next day, open the cloud space on the company’s computer and continue to complete it. , That is called an efficient.

Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021 has an important upgrade, which is equipped with an exclusive Huawei application market. In the past, downloading and installing software on Windows computers was too inefficient, and often accidentally installed bundled family buckets or even malicious plug-ins. Huawei App Market uses a unique manual detection mechanism, and there are many applications. It is coming, Which allows users to install and manage applications on the MateBook X Pro 2021 model is very simple and efficient, and the time saved can do more.

In addition, in this year’s MateBook X Pro 2021, Huawei also adopted a brand new edge microphone, placed the microphone position on the C-side clasp position, and used AI technology to remove the echo, which can effectively improve the clarity of the voice. At that time, you can use the notebook to record directly, instead of recording on the phone and importing it into the computer.

There is also a newly added pressure touchpad, which also brings a more comfortable and efficient touch experience for the MateBook X Pro 2021 model. After all, business people often travel on business, and they may use the touchpad more than the mouse. The touchpad of the new MateBook X Pro allows users to have more precise and free operating experience and more realistic pressure feedback, thus significantly improving the efficiency of control.

The screen of the new MateBook X Pro 2021 model is also very impressive. It introduced the LTPS screen for the first time in notebook products, and achieved a four-sided ultra-narrow bezel, with a screen-to-body ratio of 91%, plus 3000 * 2000 resolution, 3:2 The ratio of, can display gorgeous and delicate picture effects with a shocking field of vision, bringing a more comfortable look and feel for daily office and entertainment.

Finally, mobile office, whether the notebook is light and beautiful is also very important. Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021 adopts the “Pure & Invisible” design concept, minimal metal design, aviation-grade aluminium alloy CNC drilling and cutting, and the overall workmanship is of high quality. It is very suitable for appearance in business and office occasions. At the same time, the whole machine is only 1.33Kg. Small and portable, it is also very convenient to carry around.

In short, Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021 is based on these unique innovative features to construct a complete smart office and user experience. This experience fits well with people’s new needs for notebooks in the upcoming era of the Internet of Everything, and it is also traditional An experience that can’t be achieved by thin and light.

Earlier, we explained how Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021 can create a smart office experience from all aspects. During the introduction, I believe you can find that among so many features, the most important ones are multi-screen collaboration and “cloud “, so the text editor may wish to do a detailed analysis of these two function points.

Multi-screen collaboration is a feature launched by Huawei in 2018, and I believe everyone is already familiar. After two years of development, now this function is not only to transfer files between MateBook and mobile phones but also to use MateBook’s computing power and professional system capabilities to integrate MateBook and mobile phones into a distributed system. At the same time, it also utilizes MateBook’s more professional application ecology. , Carrying out cross-system and cross-platform efficient operation, bringing unprecedented innovative experience.

On the MateBook X Pro 2021, multi-screen collaboration allows users to open up to three mobile apps at the same time. The mirrored single-task single window is upgraded to multi-task parallel, and it can ensure a smooth user experience. Huawei said Support more tasks to run.

For example, with the support of three-screen application collaboration, users can order takeout directly on MateBook and can compare prices in multiple windows between different takeout platforms, without having to switch backgrounds like on mobile phones, which is very efficient.

For example, when checking the income and expenditure details of your own Alipay, WeChat and other bank apps, you can also compare multiple windows for faster accounting, which is more convenient than in the past.

There are also red envelopes in many chat groups during the Spring Festival. A mobile phone needs to switch frequently between different groups, and it is easy to miss red envelopes. At this time, using multi-screen collaboration on the MateBook X Pro 2021 model, opening multiple groups at the same time, and then grabbing red envelopes together, it can be said to be cool.

As for the “cloud”, it is another major killer of Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021 in terms of smart experience. When in use, after opening the synchronization folder in MateBook X Pro 2021, the “Huawei Cloud Disk” entry will be automatically displayed in the Explorer. Any operation of the files in the “Huawei Cloud Disk” will be synchronized in the cloud in real-time. So you can edit the document online and then seamlessly switch to another device.

On the one hand, Huawei Cloud Space can help users save space on their laptop hard drives, and they can also use computers to view data in mobile phones and tablets, such as the gallery, memos, and contacts.

At the same time, HUAWEI CLOUD Space also has a unique “tray” function, which is an entry to view and manage file operation records in the cloud disk, including two subtabs, “Recent” and “Transfer Management”.

Among them, the “Recent” page will display the user’s operation records of files on all devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc., so that users can quickly find recently used files and improve work efficiency.

The “Transfer Management” will record all upload and download tasks of the synchronized folder, display the task progress, the reason for file transfer failure, and support the suspension of synchronization operations, providing users with a convenient task management entry.

In addition to cloud space, the “cloud” brings to Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021, there are also powerful cloud services. One is the Huawei application market mentioned in the previous article, and the other is the excellent Internet experience brought by the Huawei browser PC version.

The Huawei browser is built into the MateBook X Pro 2021. Log in to your Huawei account and you can synchronize bookmarks, history, multi-window reading lists, etc. on different devices in real-time, allowing users to browse freely across devices and improve reading efficiency.

It can be seen that “multi-screen collaboration” and “cloud” allow MateBook X Pro 2021 to break the system, terminal barriers and space barriers. The notebook is no longer an isolated device, but more like a device that can connect to other terminals to expand its capabilities. This has quietly changed the positioning and attributes of the notebook.

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Although it is still difficult for us to say what the future of notebooks will look like, we know that the trend of technological development is based on the maturity and growth of AI, big data and cloud computing. In the end, they will form a terminal system with the intelligent interconnection of all things. If notebooks want to keep pace with the times, they must conform to such technological development trends.

Judging from the product thinking of the MateBook X Pro 2021 model, Huawei is working hard to enable notebooks to play a good role in the future intelligent interconnected terminal system.

They use “multi-screen collaboration” and “cloud services” to break through the island effect of traditional notebooks, and enhance the smart interactive experience of MateBook X Pro through software and hardware innovations such as the application market, 3K dazzling full screen, fingerprint power button, and pressure touchpad. , More powerful 11-generation CoreTM processors, colourful ultra-thin metalized integrated body industrial design and other hardware foundations, so that the MateBook X Pro 2021 model becomes a “new species” in the notebook industry.

Huawei MateBook XPro 2021 and Huawei MateBook 13/142021 will be available for pre-sale at 16:08 on January 17, 2021, at Huawei Mall, JD.com, and Tmall Huawei’s official flagship stores and offline retail stores, at 00:00 on January 20, 2021, Officially on sale. During the pre-sale period, you can enjoy a deposit of 100 yuan to 200 yuan, and a Huawei docking station or Huawei Bluetooth mouse will be given as a gift.

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