Huawei Mate X2 will Use BOE Flexible Screen instead of Samsung Screen

Recently, Huawei officially announced that it will release its new generation of foldable phone, the Mate X2, on February 22.

According to a preview poster released by Huawei, the Mate X2 will have a different folding scheme, as Samsung Display was previously rumored to be the exclusive supplier of its flexible display panel.

But according to the latest news, Huawei has finally decided to abandon the Samsung screens and will use only flexible displays from domestic panel maker BOE.

According to relevant reports, in fact, as early as last October, Huawei and Samsung Display initially finalized a supply agreement on folding OLED screens, and the United States, which issued sanctions at that time, did not block it.

However, after repeated decisions, Huawei has decided to abandon foreign supplier Samsung and instead used completely independent BOE display. Some South Korean analysts believe that Huawei’s move is mainly to avoid the blockbuster flagship being limited by potential factors, so it has adopted a more stable cooperation with Chinese suppliers.

Huawei’s Mate X2 screen, in addition to the folding scheme, also brings the same width of the four sides, no holes in the full screen effect, the forward camera is placed on the outer sub-screen, the pill design, which will effectively reduce the frequency of flipping the phone, and further improve the durability of the screen.

Configuration, huawei Mate X2 will be equipped with huawei’s top since kirin 9000 chip, the chip is not only adopted the most advanced technology of 5 nm, also before filling the GPU, due to the internal space more at the same time, the cooling effect is more outstanding, in theory this phone could play out the limit of the kirin 9000 performance, performance is expected to eventually Snapdragon 888 far behind.

In addition, the image system is one of the key upgrades of Huawei’s Mate X2. It will be equipped with a four-shot combination of 50 megapixels +16 megapixels +12 megapixels +8 megapixels, which also includes a submersible telephoto lens, supporting 10x hybrid optical zoom, and the overall camera configuration is the same as the P series and Mate series flagship.

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Overall, Huawei’s Mate X2 is extremely competitive in both design and configuration, which is worth looking forward to.

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