Huawei Mate X2 Concept Appeared: Dual-Screen, Rear 5 Cameras

For the next generation of Huawei’s folding mobile phone Huawei Mate X2, foreign media produced a set of conceptual renderings about Huawei Mate X2 based on rumors and their own imagination. In this set of conceptual renderings, the folding method of Huawei MateX2 has undergone tremendous changes.

The folding and opening method of Mate X2 is completely different from the previous generation of Huawei folding phones. From the conceptual rendering, you can see that the folding method of Huawei MateX2 uses two screens inside and outside, and the internal screen is folded inward. design concept. The external screen is an independent design idea, which is indeed somewhat similar to the previous Samsung folding mobile phone. However, in the concept rendering, Huawei MateX2 adopts more improved design ideas.

Mate X2 still adopts the design idea of ​​double punching on the outer front screen, and the two front cameras are designed in the upper left corner of the screen. Of course, the front dual-camera design of Huawei MateX2 mainly contains two components: the front camera for selfies and the face recognition unlocking module. It can be said that this design will continue to be adopted by Huawei unanimously.

Of course, although Huawei MateX2 has a front camera and face recognition unlocking module, the front screen still includes an under-screen fingerprint recognition unlocking design, which means that Huawei MateX2 will be equipped with dual bio-encryption technology. In fact, the outside screen of Mate X2 is made of OLED screen material, so there is no difference in function from traditional mobile phone screens, and the internal screen uses a flexible screen design, so it cannot be equipped with under-screen fingerprint recognition and unlocking technology.

The rear camera module of Mate X2 is still square, but the square lens module contains a total of 5 cameras, including a square telephoto lens and four circular traditional cameras. Of course, the rear of Huawei MateX2 The 5 cameras are all official lenses certified by Leica, and the effect of taking pictures is still very powerful. In fact, for foldable mobile phones, in addition to the foldable body and screen, the powerful camera function is also what consumers expect.

After Mate X2 is opened, the internal screen does not have any opening design, and the screen is intact. In addition to the hardware parameters of Mate X2, it is said that Huawei MateX2 will be equipped with the latest Kirin 9000 chip, and will also support positive and negative wireless charging technology, and the speed of wired charging will also increase, which is said to be faster than 66W. Faster because the batteries are installed separately.

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Do you think the design of Huawei Mate X2 in the concept rendering meets your requirements? If Huawei MateX2 really goes on sale according to the design in the concept rendering, will you support it and buy it as soon as possible?

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