Huawei Mate 70 exposure: stock to double, the use of 5G+ new technology

Igeekphone March 8 news, according to domestic media reports, Huawei Mate70 series will be officially released in September, and compete with the iPhone 16 series.

For the Mate 70 this time, the news said that the new machine is expected to use Huawei’s latest 5G+ technology, although it is not sure whether it is 5.5G, but it is still full of expectations.

It is reported that 5.5G is expected to increase the downstream and upstream transmission rate by 10 times compared with 5G, and the network access rate reaches 10Gbps (10G bits per second, translated into a download rate of 1.25G per second), while protecting the millisecond delay.

In addition, there is also a lot of news about Mate 70, such as the latest Kirin chip, the camera is also a number of upgrades, and so on, after all, this is also Huawei’s flagship.

Another blogger revealed that from the perspective of supply chain adjustment to chip reserves, the stock of Mate70 series is expected to increase significantly compared with Mate60 series, about 40% to 50%.

This means that compared with the tight supply situation of the Mate60 series, the market supply pressure of the Mate 70 series will be greatly relieved.

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