Huawei Honor V40 with 50 million Super Camera Leaked

Honor officials continue to warm up for the release of Honor V40 on January 18 with a short video on Weibo. In the short film, a black panther walks from the dark place. With a little light coming in, the black panther and the dark environment are instantly lit up, implying that the Honor V40 will have outstanding dark shooting ability. In the blog post “50 million ultra-sensitive images”, it is explicitly revealed that Honor V40 will be equipped with 50 million ultra-sensitive images system, bringing users an unprecedented image experience.

With the rapid rise of social media, Tiktok, B site and other content ecosystems, consumers have put forward higher requirements for mobile phone image performance. Despite the huge advances in mobile video, night photography has always been a problem for the industry. However, with the construction of Honor’s ultra-sensitive imaging system, mobile phone imaging has finally made up the most difficult shortcoming, thus bringing consumers an all-scene all-weather video experience.

As a global iconic technology brand, Honor has always made great efforts in imaging, especially in the V series. The previous generation product, Honor V30, is equipped with 40 million ultra-sensitive images. With the image system of “super-large base + super-large pixel +RYYB ultra-sensitive”, it breaks the constraint of ambient light on the picture quality of the mobile phone, and can clearly image even in harsh dark light. Thanks to this, Honor V30 has won the second DXO at that time. Not only that, Honor has since shipped the industry’s largest bottom sensor, the 50 megatron ultra-sensitive IMX 700.

In addition to the video system information, the current Honor official also revealed other information about the Honor V40. According to Honor Mobile, the Honor V40 will have the quality of a “1 billion color retinal super-sensitive screen” in terms of screen, with a delicate display effect of one hundred million colors of expression. At the same time, the screen touch sampling rate reaches the top of the industry, 300Hz, bringing users a sensitive touch experience with fast response.

Outside the official arena, the Honor V40 will use a 120Hz high refresh rate to further improve the user’s gaming experience, according to a third-party source. Equipped with double super fast charging combination of 66W wired +50W wireless, to solve the battery life anxiety of users in the 5G era.

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As a post-independence Nirvana debut, it is not hard to see the strength of Honor V40, ID design, screen, graphics have been comprehensively improved, “never felt”. With the January 18 event approaching, I believe there will be more surprises, so look forward to it. At present, the official Honor Mall has been officially opened, and the 0 yuan reservation activity of Honor V40 has been opened.

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