Huawei Honor Band 6 Official Announcement Holds on Nov.3

Full-screen mobile phones are ubiquitous, but can full-screen wristbands be far behind?

On October 29, Honor officially announced that it will release its newest generation smart bracelet, the Honor band 6, on November 3.

In the preheating poster, the silhouette of the new wristband was shown for the first time. It can be seen that under the extremely narrow frame, the screen proportion is very good, presenting a very shocking visual effect.
At the same time, Honor also proposed for the first time the slogan of “Opening the all-round screen era of the bracelet”. The slogan of “new and bigger vision” at the bottom of the poster implies that Honor band 6 will implement the concept of science and technology beauty, and set off the trendy fashion of the bracelet with the comprehensive screen design.

At present, most of the new bracelets adopt a screen of about 1 inch and tend to be homogeneous in appearance. The arrival of honor Band 6 “full screen” can not only bring high-level visual effects, but also is bound to bring qualitative improvement to users’ operation experience and usage habits.

It is worth mentioning that Zhao Ming, President of Honor, showed the sports clocking chart on his microblog yesterday to experience the sports monitoring function of Honor 6 band personally, or implied that sports monitoring will also become the selling point of the new band.

In addition, it is also expected that heart rate monitoring, pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring and other health functions will see a major upgrade on the Honor Band 6.

According to the official information, the full screen Honor Band 6 will be unveiled on November 3, and the detailed product capability and price will also be announced.

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