How we exercised during quarantine

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

With all the mental burdens that came with living in 2020 — including gyms closing their doors — many have found it tough to get in their normal level of exercise. Here at The Verge, we coped with this as you might expect: with tech that could enable or motivate us to get some activity in. These are the gadgets, apps, games, and services we used to work up a sweat while still staying safe, and which might prove useful if your New Year’s resolution involves exercise.

Beat Saber

I named Beat Saber my favorite game of 2018, but I lapsed hard since, until Oculus released the Quest 2 in October. It’s the first VR headset I like wearing, and I used SideQuest to add bootleg custom tracks that support my embarrassingly narrow musical taste,…

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