How to make an AirTag holder for your pet’s collar

Hank being a good boy with an AirPod sleeve fitted to his existing dog collar.

One seemingly obvious use for Apple’s new $29 AirTag tracker is for pets. As a new dog owner, I wanted to add an AirTag to my dog’s existing leather collar, but the options currently available are lousy.

AirTags are small, but they’re not that small. Most AirTag holders currently available from Apple and its partners assume I’m okay with dangling a 0.39-ounce (11-gram) pendant off my medium-sized beagle’s neck. I’m not, which is how I came up with the idea for a DIY neoprene sleeve that keeps the IP67 water- and dust-resistant AirTag snuggly attached to Hank’s existing collar.

I’m not going to suggest that AirTags are the best way to track your pets — they’re not. But they’re relatively cheap, unlike dedicated GPS / GSM pet trackers…

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