How to change the icon of Xiaomi Mi 14

Xiaomi Mi 14 is a powerful smartphone that offers a rich and diverse selection of ICONS, allowing users to customize the phone’s interface according to their personal preferences. If you want to change the Mi 14 icon, here is a simple step-by-step guide.

1. Open the Settings app: On the home screen, find and tap the Settings icon, which is usually a gear-shaped icon.

2. Access the “Desktop and Wallpapers” option: Scroll through the Settings menu to find and click the “Desktop and Wallpapers” option. This will take you to the Settings page for the look and layout of the phone’s interface.

3. Click the “Theme” option: Scroll down in the desktop and wallpaper page to find and click “Theme”. Here you can choose different styles and design sense of the theme to change the overall interface effect.

4. Choose a new theme: Browse through the list of themes and choose a new theme that suits your tastes and needs. Each theme has a unique and beautiful collection of ICONS, as well as other customized elements such as wallpapers, fonts, and more.

5. Download and apply a new theme: When you decide to use a particular theme, a Download button appears to the right of that theme. After clicking the Download button, the system will start downloading the selected content and automatically apply it to your current Mi 14 device.

6. Change individual ICONS (optional) : If you want to change only some ICONS within specific applications or folders, you can hold down the target icon and drag it to any other location or folder. This action only affects the dragged object itself and does not affect other related content.

With just a few simple steps, you can easily replace your beloved Mi 14 with a variety of beautiful ICONS to suit your taste! Enjoy a new experience with a custom mobile interface!

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